I stopped believing three years ago, while you keep screaming for revolution
Ствиен Моффат о том, как Мэтту не нравился его первоначальный костюм Доктора, и о том, что костюм, в котором Доктор сейчас, это полностью идея Мэтта.

"Well, it's a bizarre story the whole thing…" Steven begins. "We were so far down the road with a completely different look. Costumes had been made, fittings done, we were heading towards the first photocall - mere days before the first day of filming. We had a different look altogether, a bit more piratey, big long coats and all that stuff - and Matt hated it all, so we knew we were in trouble. He hated everything. On the last day - in the last half an hour of the last day we could make this decision - he asked if he could try this jacket. I think it was his, this old tweedy jacket with elbow patches. So he put that on, and he liked that, he liked his tweed jacket and his elbow patches. Then he said, 'Could I try braces?' So he put the braces on, and I'm thinking, 'Yeah, that's not bad.' It wasn't spectacular, it was just okay.

"And then he said, 'Can I have a bow tie? And I said, 'Absolutely no. Under no circumstances are we having a bow tie! It's retro, outdated, ridiculous, it's a pantomime idea of what Doctor Who is like. We are not having a bow tie!' But Piers said, 'Just let him try it with the bow tie.' So we stuck a bow tie on him and it just looked fantastic. Instantly! And you could tell that he, for the first time since the costume fitting started, was leaping around the room pretending his pen was a sonic screwdriver, and absolutely believing it! Beth [Willis, the third executive producer] had popped out for a while, so we got her back and I thought, well, 'Surely we've just gone mad, so let's see if Beth thinks this looks okay.' She came back in and she loved it. Girls sometimes just smack you round the head and say 'No, you can't wear that, it's ridiculous!' But she didn't - she loved it, too! And that's the reason I signed off on it that day. I mean, he’s a clothes horse, Matt, he looks good in anything. But he just stood there in the other costumes chewing his lip and looking miserable. When he wore the bow tie and the braces and the tweedy jacket he was honestly jumping around the room with his pen going 'Fzzzt!' being Doctor Who. I still have the photographs on my iPhone. Here is the previous costume. Look at his face! Look how miserable he is."

@темы: matt smith, steven moffat

2010-10-22 в 15:02 

Ваббаджекни меня, пожалуйста.(с)
:) Видимо, все так сначала воспринимают этот костюм. х) А потом сам Мэтт его реабилитирует.)

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