I stopped believing three years ago, while you keep screaming for revolution
собирая песенный сборник-подарок, наткнулась вот на это, ища про Blue and Yellow юздовскую:

"[Blue and Yellow is] really close to my heart. I wrote it about Quinn - our relationship and how close we are. The first day we met was special; he's just one of those people that you meet in your life that's special. You know you're going to be with this person forever and you know you're going to be close to that person. And it's pretty much about being in a band with someone ... being around someone 24 hours a day is really hard thing to do, and sometimes we don't get along the greatest, but if it came down to it, I'd much rather be Quinn's friend than be in a band with Quinn. That's how close our relationship is. It's great. That's how close that song is to me - I love it."


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2010-12-25 в 23:22 

don’t you worry what it’s all about

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